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browsing the stepwise procedure for and install the Canon printer, let's first get familiar with the prerequisites to see upon before the procedure.

Prerequisites to see upon to put in and Canon Ij Setup

To successfully finish the canon printer's installing and canon ijsetup process, check upon these mentioned prerequisites.

1. First of all, make sure that your printer is correctly plugged in and turned on. However, if your system requires an Ethernet connection to access the web, you'll require a coaxial cable to connect your printer to the router.

2. Secondly, check for your printer's installation software. If the printer came with the CD, you would possibly require running the installation process with the assistance of the CD before fixing the printer. However, modern printers don't require such CD installations.

3. Please note: to put in, via CD, insert the CD into the computer's CD tray and follow the onscreen instructions thereafter. A mac user would require an external CD reader to perform the mentioned steps.

4. Connect your printer to the web using the printer's LCD panel. You'll also find a web version of your printer's handbook on Canon's official website which is

5. Now confirm that your printer and computer are connected to an equivalent internet connection lest the printer would be unable to receive commands from your computing system.

Now let's get right down to understanding the procedure to put in and setup the Canon Ij printer on Windows and Mac computer by using the

Installing and fixing Canon printer on Windows - setup Guide

As the initiative, attend the "Start "button and click on the "Windows" logo present on the rock bottom left corner of the screen.

Now open "Settings" and click on on the settings gear within the lower-left corner of the window.

Click on the "Devices" link present at the highest of the Settings window.

Click on the "Printers and scanners" tab on the left side of the window and proceed to the subsequent step.

Now click on "+Add a printer or scanner" that's available on the highest of the page which can then open up a pop-up window. Once you see the name of your printer within the "Printers and scanners "section, know that your printer is connected.

Click on your printer's name available within the pop-up window, this may prompt your computer to attach to the printer and you'll be ready to easily work on your printer through the pc.

Please note: If you weren't ready to locate your printer's name within the "Add window" section you'll still install your printer by connecting it to your computer via a cable. Follow the below-given steps to try to so.

1. Use a USB cable to attach your printer to the computer.

2. Wait for the installation window to seem and follow the onscreen instructions.

Installing and fixing Canon Ij printer on Mac using https://Canoncomijsetup

First of all, open the Apple menu and click on on the Apple logo that's present within the top left corner of the screen. Thereafter a menu will appear, at the highest of which is that the "System Preferences", click thereon and proceed to the subsequent step.

Now click on the printer shaped icon "Printers and scanners" present within the System preferences window.

Click on the "+" sign present near rock bottom left corner of the screen after which a pop window will appear. you'll be ready to see your printer's name within the left-hand pane if it's already connected over the network.

In this step, your printer's name should appear within the menu, click on the name which can then prompt the printer to start the setup process. Once the method completes you'll see your printer's name on the pane on the left side of the window.

Please note: If your Mac isn't ready to locate your printer you'll still install your printer by connecting it directly via a USB cable. Follow the below-given steps to try to so.

1. First of all, update your Mac.

2. Attach your printer to the pc via a USB cable.

3. Now, await the setup window to seem and thereafter follow the onscreen instructions.

I hope the above write up about canon ij setup involves your best use while installing your Canon printer on the Windows computer also as Mac. For additional information and assistance on an equivalent we recommend you contact the or their email provided on the Ij.Start.Cannon.

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